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PS3 Update 3.42

PS3 Update 3.42 - Before we discuss the PS3 Update 3.42 there is little information on bahaya menghisap shisha and software internet murah unlimited tanpa quota. But for those of you who love music will be denger musik gratis via internet, do not forget to also read the article cerita gadis abg hot or cerita panas gadis perawan abg internet for mere entertainment before we get into our main topic of the PS3 Update 3.42. Do you have fresh? ok let's just talk about PS3 Update 3.42.

Regarding the PS3 Update 3.42 as quoted from ps3hax inform as follows.

IRC users are now reporting that ps3 firmware 3.42 is live.

Checking the sony website still shows 3.41 as the latest but grabbing the updatelist.txt from HERE shows otherwise.

This update is mandatory and does appear to patch the psgroove/psjailbreak exploit. Now given we all may be panicking and all that needs to be done is a change in shellcode (like the 3.15 needs to be) but regardless we request everyone to play it safe and stay on 3.41 until it is fully understood.

The update has no other ‘new features’ and it was just a single revision update so it probably is just s0ny’s first swing at psgroove (besides the legal actions).

People are reporting that this update is bypassable with Logan5′s Proxy. Those willing to update and try it out please do so and report back.


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PS3 Update 3.42