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Maximus The Sword Gamecock

Maximus The Sword Gamecock - This story about a cock in the world of war. He is a battle leader from sun kingdom soldiers, the name is Maximus.

On a certain day he is delegated by the king to wage war with barbarian kingdom Maximus faithfully get order from that the king. At the time of wage war him just getting one thousand those the soldiers, while barbarian nation brings soldiers as much as five thousand armies. But, destiny stills with it. He is success beat barbarian nation and bring victory to sun kingdom. The king very pride upon success it maximus big battle.

Roman nation very glad on the victory in that battle. The king makes that victory party with barbarian nation with holds party on a large scale. But, child from the king envious on success it Maximus beat battle. On a certain day the king wants to give the throne to Maximus. But, Maximus averse it and he wants free. The king returns to amazed towards Maximus, he felts strange there somebody which actually not too car on power, the king very proud towards Maximus . the king even consider Maximus like the child self. That throne gift is heard by child from king Yulius. Child from king Yulius return envious towards Maximus.

After hear that discussion is child from king Yulius quick speaks towards king Yulius. He says with the father “ why do i not suitable to lead our kingdom this, while i enough wise wise in have done a certain ”. King says to his child “ my son you is not yet enough responsibles to lead this kingdom, because you not yet understand what wished for people “. Lexus say to return “ I understand what at want by our people is father, I certain can wealthy our people “. Then the king says to return impreesing compare his child with Maximus “ you don’t like Maximus, Maximus suitableer be king than you are my child. Child the this king is very disappointed towards the father decision self. He intends to want to kill the father self.

On a certain day the king Yulius want to give the throne to Maximus. At the time of that’s opportunity there empty he is quick has wanted to kill his father, because he excessive offended to the father, and the his father will say to it that the child will not make wealthy people and happy. After his father died, Lexus quick order Maximus war returns to oppose the other kingdom. Lexus says that that battle on his father wish, Maximus even also quick go to wage war with his soldiers. Maximus wage war almost 3 monts, he wages war by his kingdom and his people. This battle is very big battle, because this battle concerns the kingdom triumph. That battle nature, a lot of his soldiers from Maximus is dieds and wounded, because battle is very big that. Maximus felt guilty on all that, because he considers that succumbed most responsible on all that. After all that happen, Maximus says to this soldiers that still remained that any that is natural matter, because at every battle certain there that lose, win, wound and die. After that word is Maximus returns to inspire to his soldiers, that sun kingdom certain will beat that battle and his soldiers even also bouncy on word Maximus.

After that, battle even also continued, that battle goes on bitterly, Maximus try to drop chairman from kingdom whom he is opponent, obvious destiny stills to stand up for Maximus and his soldiers. Maximus success beat battle with kill from kingdom whom he is opponent. Afterwards Maximus go home with soldiers with bring one again victory. Maximus go home with his soldiers aim to sun kingdom with pass through over until day after day, after arrival at sun kingdom Maximus direct want to see the king, but obvious without he has known the king has died, Lexus say to Maximus that after that father from Lexus has died because ill at the time of Maximus on the war with earth kingdom, while that is all only power trick from Lexus, because king Yulius actually die because kill by his chid of king Yulius self and bot because of ill. Obvious Maximus belive on word from Lexus. Maximus lugubrious on died it king Yulius, afterwards Lexus lifted as king from sun kingdom.

Above power Lexus alive people with many suffering, because wisdom from Lexus doesn’t beneficial people. Lexus force the people to pay pacification money forcibly every the day. This Maximus can not do to whatever, because Maximus not a king from sun kingdom. Maximus very sorrow because people – alive the people is muffled by misery. Maximus even also speak insides the heart fully seriousness “ oh God why do you let people – this roman people suffer, please stop their suffering”.

In some years then Lexus delegate Maximus to bear arms against pesian kingdom, Lexus say “ hey Maximus my esquire delegate you to wages war to face persian kingdom famous with skill perfomings sword ”, then Maximus even also say ” ok my king will follow all your command provided you will want to fulfil all my request ”, then Lexus even also say to return to what that your request alas Maximus ? ”, Maximus even also answer it promptly ” you must promise to give welfare to our people “ , Lexus even also stop over to think, after he thinks with sufficiently long, Lexus even also approve request from Maximus.

Maximus even also direct prepare his soldiers to under arms oppose Persian kingdom, after preparation that done very ripe, Maximus and the troop hurries to go to bear arms against Persian kingdom famous ingeniously perfomings sword. Maximus and his troop passes during 8 trip days, after arrival in this place battle, Maximus call up entire his troop to beat troop from Persian kingdom. War walks during correlating to weeks, from between both, both same has strength and remarkable spirit to mutual drops. Maximus and his troop then out for beat troop from Persian kingdom very swiftly in battle arena, from second kingdom bothing that want mutual succumb, because second this kingdom considers that between this kingdom has remarkable strength.

In the end Maximus get a beating, because and this troop experiences sanguinary and a lot wounded, then Maximus hurry to order the troop to retreat. Meanwhile troop from Persian kingdom does that the temporary victory party, with do party on large scale, in other matter Maximus prepare this troop condition is recover return and prepare self to do continuation battle. Three days a long Maximus and this troop prepares self to do continuation war between sun kindom and Persian kingdom. After Maximus and this troop genuinely ready for wage war, Maximus quick to invade Persian kingdom by stealth. Maximus this troop invades Persian kingdom at the time of Persian kingdom condition not ready for wages war, that’s intelligence from Maximus, he understands at the time of enemy ready and or careless.

At time of Persian kingdom has careless, chance that maked use by Maximus and his troop. Maximus success beat and capture power from Persian kingdom and Maximus bring to go home victory right on target to Roman. After Maximus and this troop his troop arrives at sun kingdom, Maximus greeted with noisy by greek people. Maximus very touched on greek people the sympathy to it. After that, Maximus direct want to collected the promise to king Lexus that is, king Lexus will give welfare to the people without will do wild harvest to roman.

After Maximus come in contact with king Lexus, Maximus direct present promise not yet filled by king Lexus that is, want to give welfare to roman nation. Maximus even also say “ alas my king, servant here will collected promise ever we shall agree on both at the time, servant success has beaten battle “. Lexus even also receive question from Maximus “ ok I shall grant entire your request and I congratulate on your victory ”. maximus say to return “ my king thanks, all these only aid from my troop always loyal toward me “. The king Lexus carry out entire the promise, king Lexus stop the wild harvest. In other matter, Maximus doesn’t detect that kill king Yulius is his child of king Yulius that is king Lexus.

On certain day, younger sister from king Lexus tell to Maximus that kill king Yulius is king Lexus. Maximus very angry on behaviour from king Lexus that kill the father self by solely for get power. At the time of that’s Maximus direct visit king Lexus and say “ hey Lexus, you obvious doesn’t such us those wich I guess, you dare to kill your father self very I respect more than my soul “, and king Lexus even also say “ guard that your mouth Maximus, you have dared to slander me reply from slander king your death verdict knows that’s ? , and I shall kill that your little family “, then

Maximus try to oppose soldiers from king Lexus, but because the soldiers total many so that Maximus experience afflictions to oppose soldiers from king Lexus. At the time of at trip aims forest Maximus try to escape from soldiers tie from king messenger Lexus. After arrival at forest Maximus at alight from on horse and correlating ready to kill, before Maximus kill by soldiers from king messenger Lexus, that soldiers says that before you die to what willing from Maximus, than Maximus say “ let me die as knight that defend roman people “. After that, entire ties from Maximus released by soldiers. Chance this used by Maximus to run away by killing to return soldiers from king messenger Lexus.

At the time of he kills soldiers from messenger Lexus, he experiences wound enough serious, he felts tired but he will remember what be said by king Lexus that king Lexus will kill son and wife from Maximus, then he is direct climbs on horse and make a trip to aim house the so small that, he makes during day after day, he is tired and hungry, because he doesn’t eat and drink during day after day.

In other matter, king Lexus get news that Maximus not yet die, because he is success run away, king Lexus direct take decision that is he orders the adjutant to go to kill child and wife from Maximus. Not several long, than adjutant from king Lexus leave to aim house from Maximus, several long, than adjutant from king Lexus reach where does house place Maximus presented. His son from Maximus guess that that aim that the the house is his father. But big wrong the guess, son and wife from Maximus direct at kill by adjutant from king Lexus, where does house place Maximus even also at burn and finished at eat by fire.

In other matter, Maximus arrive at the house with startled face, because entire houses at that rural district flat with soil, Maximus then alight from the horse and run, with him visit up at the house and he cries and bemoan that destinity. Maximus will promise to kill king Lexus with his arms self.

In other matter, king lexus very glad on roman peoples suffering. He returns again take money and all land product with seize from roman peoples. Be king leadership king Lexus peoples returns again suffer, he makes wisdom very harm people. King Lexus than make this greek people is poor and make this peoples becoming not likes on king leadership Lexus always make that his people is to suffer.

In other matter, Maximus faint because he is too tired, hungry and he also thinks child and his wife that died that. Intermittent several hours, then he taken by one who in that period looks for one who solid corporeal and then sold to return. Maximus aware from faint it when he finished has been cured fellow one who want at sell to somebody and then at make as gladiator.

Gladiator called at that period strong as one who in perfomings sword and able wage war in condition however. After he reaches eternal city, he is direct is sold to former from gladiator. He and another friends be trained so that can be san gladiator.several weeks then Maximus and the friends at order by the boss to follow battle in coliseum by one opponent one. From every his match maximus always wins and but his friends a lot die in action in coliseum that. He is at believe by his friends as chairman from his group. His friends doesn’t know that he Maximus the battle gamecock, Maximus change the name in trius so that the existence is not known by king Lexus. Maximus begin famous as candidate the next gladiator, he is asummed by cogent as one who rome people at rome in period.

On a certain day, Crinus the gladiator speak to Maximus “ Trius , I shall see in your self is your will be knight very strong, you will replace me as the gladiator ”. Maximus even also say “ Crinus you’re my boss is obvious a gladiator, why do you never say it to me !”. Crinus even also say to return “ I now old there will be no that trust me as gladiator, I shall hope to you in tomorrow latest match when you will win us will aim coliseum “. Maximus even also say to return “ I shall strunggle to will beat match tomorrow.

The following day the day, Maximus and his friends prepares self ripely, Maximus and his friends tries to display to show best battle. After self in a certain place likes coliseum, Maximus and his friends feels a remarkable strains never they are natural from every antecedent match. Show this battle very at looks by rome people because this show battle is very incredible, at the time, of Maximus and his friends comes into arena shows battle the arena likes coliseum, rome ones gives spirit to Maximus and his friends. At the time of oppose this last the enemy. Maximus and his friends try to assault by make circle so that the enemy can not run from attack Maximus and his friends. But, not as easy as at conceive, many from friends Maximus die, because show battle very incredible. In the battle is Maximus and his friends tries by might and main.

Several hours then Maximus and his friends success beat enemy very heavy that. Rome peoples ( rural district rome peoples ) glad on victory Maximus and his friends. Crinus even also pride upon victory Maximus ( Trius ), several weeks then Maximus and his friends goes to eternal city, there they are at greet considerably noisy. Maximus and his friends is given time to take a rest, because they will fighting with opponent some years later can not at defeat by greek person even if. At the time of they walks, staff from Maximus direct know Maximus while Maximus use a mask, staff from Maximus write at a paper about condition that done by king Lexus.

At the time of Maximus return to the rest place, then Maximus read paper at write from staff Maximus about condition and staff from Maximus give statue formerly often see by Maximus at the time of want to wage war that is statue that describe his wife and his son. In the several weeks then match very at waits by people from sun kingdom that is contention between gladiator oppose the enemy never defeated although greek nation once even also. Here’s again contention very nervous and contention very heavy. Maximus and his friends felts tense, because they are never fighting with seen with one who very a lot of, even king Lexus and his nephew with his sister even also watching contention very incredible this.

At the time of Trius ( Maximus ) and his friend enters coliseum, they get support very big by people from Sun kingdom. At the time of show that battle at begins Maximus and his friend experiences a little afflictions in oppose the opponent one this, Maximus detect that the opponent one this doesn’t like the opponent ever Maximus and his friends opponent at that moment. In the end Maximus success beat contention, Maximus beat that contention bot because of without effort, Maximus do this battle tries. Because kernel from entire strunggles Maximus that is solely for kill king Lexus, because king Lexus kill his son and his wife from Maximus.at the time of Maximus beat that contention, suddenly king Lexus want to see original face from Trius that ( Maximus ), obvious out of the blue that is Trius that actually Maximus. Then Maximus challenge king Lexus to fighting with it, king Lexus the proudly get invitation from Maximus. At the time of at waits even also arrive Maximus fighting to oppose king Lexus, this contention is seen by entire peoples from Sun kingdom, this contention is even also walks bitterly, in the end king Lexus even also die, maeanwhilie aim from Maximus even also materialized, Maximus even also at offer by people from Sun kingdom to be a king, but Maximus averse because he is not yet suitable be a king, then he wanders in the wandering that is final even also die, because he mortally wounded because moment he opposes king Lexus.



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Maximus The Sword Gamecock