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Earthquake (4.9) Video Border Near Utah-Wyoming Randolph

Earthquake (4.9) Video Border Near Utah-Wyoming Randolph, the largest earthquake in the feel in Utah in 18 years. This earthquake occurred at a fairly shallow depth, a quarter of a mile and about five kilometers northeast of Randolph at 5:59. But this quake caused only minor damage reported at U. Relu Burlacu seismologist. Unlike earthquakes that occurred in China with the power of 6.9 on 13 April.

Reports from the U.S. Geological Survey 4.9 earthquake is generally stronger in feeling but tend to lead to only minor damage. Randolph Residents said the earthquake caused vibration in the building and pictures fell. One of a cook at Gator Drive-In and Game Room, 120 S. He got slammed into the nearest counter with the roast, said Stacy Showalter employees.

Randolph said one resident of vibration caused by the earthquake lasted about 40 seconds and is strong enough to knock them around him. Burlacu revealed at least four earthquakes with 3.0 or more powerful force has been rocked since 1962.


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Earthquake (4.9) Video Border Near Utah-Wyoming Randolph